Who Are We?

 ZEAL is a team of forward thinking, creative, and motivated hockey players/fans that are changing the game. We are tired of hockey sticks having the same old boring colors and designs. They all look the same! Our team is dedicated to designing and manufacturing creative, loud, and eye catching sticks that are made at top of the line quality.

Operating since 2014 Zeal’s mission is to be the pioneer of self expression in the game of hockey. Allowing players to choose every aspect of their equipment to fit their playing and aesthetic style.

Every player has a different presence when they’re one the ice. Whether you’re a stay at home defensemen or your team's leading goal scorer, you have a unique way of playing the game. We think your equipment should convey who you are! With our sticks, you choose your curve, your flex, your design and, your name. We don’t make ZEAL you do.