An American Dream : Zeal Hockey, the first hockey company to bring finishing process of hockey sticks to the USA.

The hockey equipment industry lives in a diverse space; one that is full of companies that specialize in a variety of unique products. Each has a different set of challenges to manufacture, promote, and sell. Many of them find ways to overcome the challenges, and, with hard work, the sport of hockey continues to grow and move forward. Zeal Hockey is involved in this process and is making a ground-breaking step in the production of custom hockey sticks. Zeal is the first hockey company to bringing its production of sticks to the USA!

For Zeal to achieve this, we needed a couple of things…

Industrial oven: Check.

Industrial spray booth: Check.

Renovated space: Underway!

Specialized high grade paint: Check.

A variety of coatings and resins: Check.

Loads of eye catching and super cool stick graphics: Obviously.

The finishing production phases of these sticks will be completed in-house at the Zeal HQ in Rhode Island. An industrial oven will be used to bake blank molded sticks to prepare them for the application of the paints, coatings, and graphics. They will then be transferred to the spray booth. This is where the magic happens. All the colors, logos, nameplates, shapes, and grip finishes will be applied right here in the 401. This is followed by a curing process and quality assurance checks that will be completed to ensure each stick is ready for delivery.

This is a big step because this new process will ultimately make us a more creative and experienced company. What you may not realize is that Zeal will be the first hockey company to do this in the US.

Creating a custom hockey stick for a player is very rewarding but also takes a lot of time. 3-6 weeks to be specific. But not anymore! With the new equipment we are restructuring the fulfillment process to only take anywhere between 4-14 DAYS.

CEO and co-founder of Zeal Hockey, Mickey Silva, explains that, “Our mission is to bring as much of the production of our equipment and apparel here as we can and create jobs in the process. This is to control the overall quality and speed that orders are fulfilled.” With a quicker turn around, Zeal Hockey will be able to get their sticks in the hands of players faster than any other custom hockey stick company. Not only will we be able to produce them faster but we will have 100% control of what they look and feel like. Zeal has always taken pride in creating sticks that look different (and cooler) than the rest. We’re about to release 3 new sticks that do just that. And if you know anything about the folks at Zeal, you know we’re going to push the envelope. Stay tuned.