I Want It That Way: Custom Hockey Sticks From Zeal Hockey

I Want It That Way

Custom /ˈkəstəm/ definition: made or done to order for a particular customer. We all know some definition of the word custom. It’s pretty simple right? Wrong. It’s more than that, and you need to understand why its important, especially when sports come into play. The level of customization that pro athletes have access to has major impacts on their performance. A professional athlete’s technique, tastes, even aesthetic style are all accounted for and implemented in a personalized product or service. It was made for them, and only them. That’s a big deal due of the positive outcome it has on their game. I believe that should be available to everyone.

When you wear, have, or use something that has your own wants, needs, and personal touch in it, it grabs people’s attention. People get to know who you are without saying a word to them during the game or even on the street. You can’t go wrong looking good in either scenario. Even if you don’t care what they think of you, it doesn’t mean you can’t feel like a champ wearing your custom pair of neon yellow and blue Nike ID shoes. It shouldn’t matter what level of skill you have, where you play, or who you are using a custom piece of apparel or equipment should be utilized by any player.

What’s great is it’s relatively easy to get something customized today. Companies recognize the need to please their customers even more. What better way to do that then giving them what they want? Plenty of businesses thrive on customization because it gives everyone a chance to express themselves. There’s style and value in that.

Tesla is a premium electric automaker. They give you the options to build your car from the ground up; anything from the material of the seats to picking a finished gloss on the dash board. You name it. They can do it. Oakley builds sports performance gear for the pros and also makes a kick-ass pair of custom sunglasses too. Providing their customers with their variety of frames, lenses, engravings, and colors to make something the way you want it. Being unique is vital to the world being a more interesting place. Everyone has similar cars, wears the same clothes, and goes to the same places each day, it’s monotonous. It’s time to spice it up folks.

One of Zeal’s goals is giving hockey players a chance to make their presence known on the ice in a different way. One custom hockey stick at a time. When you order a custom hockey stick from Zeal Hockey, you’re given a variety of options to make it yours. These revolve around performance and aesthetic elements. Regardless of where you’re from, your skill level, or how old you are, as a hockey player you need a stick that fits your game. Do you take more slapshots than wrist shots? What position do you play? Are you the mayor of dangle city? All valid questions to ask yourself. Your curve, flex, length, and grip can all be the way you want them to on our online customizer. DONE are the days of grabbing the same plain stick off the rack that everyone else has. Your style and presence on the ice is different than everyone else, your stick should be too.

However, how a stick looks is a whole other element. Through our customizer you can choose from an array of colors and graphics that can only be compared to Don Cherry’s suits. Not only that but you can print your name and number just like the pros! Custom sticks were a luxury that was once reserved for the best, and now it’s available to every player.

Zeal is the pioneer of self-expression in hockey. People are afraid to stand out in this game but we know people want to, and we’re going to help them. Be bold. Be unique. Be you. Don’t hold back. Play with a stick you want to play with. Who cares what the hosers say? I hope you put up 10 goals in your next game and piss off the other team in the process because you're doing it with a pink stick. You should want your stick more than you care about what someone else thinks of it. When you use our new customizer and see all the options, you’ll know what we mean. The Backstreet Boys hit the nail on the head when they said, “I want it that way." 

Now you can.