30-day LIMITED Warranty policy and procedures.

ZEAL Hockey will NOT issue any refund or credit for a stick that has been used.  ZEAL Hockey will replace any defective composite sticks up to 30 days after purchase date subject to compliance with Zeal Hockey's warranty policy, procedures, and conditions found herein.

Please note, ALL blank unbranded sticks are exempt from 30-day warranty replacement. If an unbranded stick purchased directly from ZEAL Hockey is defective during the conditional 30-day warranty period, ZEAL Hockey will offer a 15% discount off of a replacement. This conditional discount is available only one time per stick purchased.

Please carefully read the following additional warranty conditions and limitations:

  1. The stick was purchased from ZEAL Hockey or an authorized ZEAL Hockey dealer
  2. The stick is returned accompanied by receipt (original proof of purchase)
  3. The stick broke during normal use as a result of manufacturers defect
  4. The stick was not exposed to an open flame and shows no signs of being overheated or altered from an outside source
  5. The stick was not damaged by contact with a skate, another stick, boards, goals, bench, another player, etc.
  6. The stick was not purchased used
  7. The stick was not a promotional giveaway, demo stick, or sample product
  8. Small dings and scratches on product may occur during normal use of all products and are not covered under warranty
  9. Further restrictions will be determined by ZEAL Sports INC on a case by case basis
  10. All mystery sticks do not come with a warranty. They are overstock or prostock and therefore void the warranty.
  11. All breaks caused by misuse will void warranty, and it is at the discretion of ZEAL Sports Inc. whether or not a stick will be replaced.

Upon receiving receipt and approval of your return, ZEAL Hockey will send a replacement product of the same model. If the model is no longer available, ZEAL Hockey will replace it with a product of equal or greater value.

We do not offer upgrades on returned items.

All sticks are replaced one time and one time only.

To reduce your return shipping cost, it is OK to cut down any defective hockey sticks so that they fit into a smaller box. However, point of break (defect) should be visible when it is received.

We do not issue refunds for shipping.

Please contact for more information.