PK 2017 Custom Hockey Stick

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A nod to traditional hockey stick design, the PK 2017 first launch. We use a hand-rolled laminate technique developed by our engineers in 2016. The shaft is designed to have an elongated point of flexion, which means that this stick accommodates all shooting styles. Best for slapshots and wrist shots. This custom graphic is for the traditional minded players.

Player Profile
Defensive players and power forwards.

Materials used
8,000 individuals strains of shatter-resistant carbon fiber.

Shaft Construction
Mid-kickpoint. 9 layers of laminate precision cut using a CNC machine. Resonoids with high-elasticity are used to bond each layer together

Blade Construction
Tri-chamber two-part liquid, expanding rigid (closed cell) urethane foam.

Molding Technique
Mono compression.

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