Q:  Why ZEAL?

A: ZEAL offers the fastest production time of custom high performance hockey and lacrosse sticks in the world and is the only company that designs, tests and finishes custom hockey and lacrosse sticks in the USA.

Q: How long does it take to make my Custom ZEAL Stick?

A: Your stick will be completed within 5-7 business days, but some orders will ship even quicker!

Q: I need my stick even faster than that! What can you do?

A: ZEAL now offers rush orders as well! Please click here and add RUSH ORDER to your custom stick and get it completed within 2 business days.

Q: How do I visit your showroom?

A: ZEAL is located at 905 N Main St, Providence, RI 02904. Please contact us here, and we’ll arrange for you to visit our showroom where you can try, test and customize the perfect stick just for you!

Q: What are your showroom hours?

A: Our current early fall showroom hours are Thursdays 2-5 PM, Fridays 2-5 PM, Saturdays 12-5 PM and Sundays 12-5 PM. To schedule an appointment, please contact us here.

Q: What is the custom experience like inside your showroom?

A: Here you can try and test every unique stick we offer within our expansive shooting range. We’ll help you assess the mechanics of your shot and choose the best length, weight, flex and curve pattern for your playing style. Finally, we’ll help you express yourself with a custom looking stick that will tastefully, colorfully and creatively accommodate any kind of interest or personality. 

Q:  Why custom?

A: We know there is value in getting something that is just right for you. In hockey and lacrosse, every nuance counts, so don’t settle for mass produced sticks. The pros use custom sticks made just for them, and so should you.

Q: Do you sell limited edition sticks inside your showroom? 

A: Yes, you can browse and purchase various unique limited edition Zeal hockey and lacrosse sticks featuring assorted technical specifications that we’ve designed and finished on site. Some limited edition sticks look flashy while others are understated; however all give a premium performance and are expertly crafted by hand. 

Q: Do you do custom team orders?

A: Yes, please contact us here to set up a consultation!

    Q: Do you have a phone number?

    A: Of course! Our number is 401-861-9325.



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