Information about hockey sticks.

What is FLEX?

Flex is simply the "stiffness" of the shaft.

What is load or loading?

Puting weight onto the shaft to cause it to flex while you shoot.

What is kickpoint?

Kickpoint is the point of flexion on the shaft. Where the shaft bends.

What is a blade pattern?

Blade pattern or blade shape is the shape of the stick's blade. The shape of your blade is important to get the most out of your shooting and passing technique. Some players tend to have a more accurate or faster shot with the blade shape that is correct for them.

What is griptac?

Griptac is a polyester-based coating that we spray on our shafts to give them a "tacky" texture. We have several formulas that range in "tackiness" as we understand that how your stick feels when you shoot is very important.



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